A family business since 1899

In 1899, in the centre of the Westland region, the foundation for Hot Pepper King was laid. After more than 100 years and 5 generations, Hot Pepper King has grown into a progressive hot pepper grower with locations in Nootdorp and Berkel en Rodenrijs.

These two entrepreneurs are the driving force behind Hot Pepper King


Ad van Luijk

‘Less talk, more action’. This is the motto of Ad van Luijk. Born in the Westland, Ad is a true professional with years of experience as a grower. As fourth generation within the company, he ensures that the quality of the peppers meets the highest market standards.


Joost van Luijk

Practically born in a greenhouse, horticulture is an important part of Joost’s life. After finishing the education program Greenport Business and Retail at Inholland, Joost joined his father and started to focus on growing and cultivating hot peppers. ‘It is a new and exciting challenge’

Innovations (Minimal footprint, Maximum efficiency)

Sustainability is very important at Hot Pepper King. We keep track of all the developments in order to keep innovating. To us, sustainability especially means minimizing the consumption of materials per unit, cultivating in a completely closed system ,which excludes our influence on the environment, and the creation of a safe and pleasant working environment.


Processing room

In the processing room of Hot pepper king, our machine is able to package our peppers by means of a closed foil. Packaging increases shelf life and ensures hygene on the shelves. The processing area has various sustainablilty aspects, one of which is LED lighting.


Purification installation

Hot pepper king has a purification plant which can be used to clean recycled water. This installation ensures that no water is wasted and all the nutrients are re-used without sacrificing quality.


Maximum organic

We make use of biological natural enemies in our greenhouses in order to control pests. Every  season, tens of millions of natural enemies defend the plants like knights.


Innovative pepper varieties

Hot pepper King continually researches and tests renewable varieties in order to contribute to a smaller footprint and maximization of our efficiency.


Solar panels

Hot pepper king has several solar panels, located on the roof of the barn, that provide sustainable power every day.

Fresh packaging options

In our brand new packaging facility, we are able to meet all our costumers’ packaging requirements.

Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.


Examples of packaging options

Hot pepper packaging
Hot pepper packaging
Hot pepper packaging


To ensure that our quality standards are met, Hot pepper king has a number of certifications.

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